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Scholarship fund

help us create a better future for our kids

The Imagine If… Program has been impacting youth in schools, home school associations, summer camps,  church programs, and with counselors for over 3 years nationwide! We would like to continue to build our program and expand our reach with youth all over the country by donating our program for FREE!

Did you know…
-Teachers spend on average 7-9 hours with our youth.

– Parents spend on average 7-11 minutes a day of uninterrupted electronic free time with their children. 

-Over 160,000 kids stay home each day because of bullying.

-The teen suicide average age is 13.4 yrs old.

Our mission is to empower our youth with the understanding that they have the ability to create a world where bullying doesn’t exist, where they can wake up each day grateful, believing in themselves, understanding the power of choice and realizing that they can create all this through their positive thoughts and inspired actions!


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